The Top 3 Reasons to Hire an Attorney When Forming a Business

Americans’ obsession with self-reliance is undoubtedly admirable, yet it is only beneficial to a certain extent.  In particular, Monroe, LA entrepreneurs who attempt to start a business can benefit from asking for assistance.  To be more specific, it is in the interest of every new business founder to secure the services of an experienced Monroe LA business law attorney.  

3 Reasons Why Your Business Contracts Should be Drafted and Reviewed by an Attorney at Niswanger Law in Monroe, La image of business man shaking hands with lawyer while holding contract

Niswanger Law is here to help you launch your business, sidestep potentially expensive legal hurdles, and keep your business running like a well-oiled machine.  Here’s a quick look at why all Louisiana entrepreneurs should lean on an attorney for guidance when forming a business.

Establishing the Proper Structure

Do not underestimate the importance of selecting the optimal structure for your new business.  Business law attorneys are familiar with all the nuanced requirements for business structure as established by the secretary of state.  Your Monroe, LA attorney will detail the differences between a partnership, a corporation, an LLC, and a sole proprietorship.  Your attorney will also help you determine which of those entities is optimal for your new business. 

The business ownership structure is crucial as it shapes subsequent financing, taxation, and your business’s legal aspect moving forward.  Listen closely as your attorney details the merits and drawbacks of each type of business structure so you can move forward in complete confidence with your choice.

Correctly Name Your Business Following the Law

Your attorney will search to determine if the name you have in mind for your business has already been taken.  If the name you desire for your budding company is already in use or if the name is only slightly different from that of another business, you will likely have to alter the name for legal purposes.  Your attorney will verify that the name is available for use in the state of Louisiana and also ensure that name is not a registered trademark.

Avoid Potential Legal Problems

Overlooking a seemingly subtle legal or bureaucratic requirement necessary to form a new business might seem like a minor issue. Yet, it has the potential to prove quite time-consuming and costly.  You should not have to spend your limited time worrying about whether your new company is in full compliance with all the nuances of relevant rules and laws. 

Hire a business law attorney, and you will enjoy the benefits of ongoing assistance with legal matters such as trademarking the business name, preparing documentation and forms for incorporating the business, reviewing lease documents, contracts, and so on.  This assistance will liberate you to focus on your strengths and catalyze your company’s growth in its early stages.

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