3 Reasons Why Your Business Contracts Should be Drafted and Reviewed by an Attorney

It is awfully tempting to fall into the trap of using an online template for a business contract. Though some such templates look professional and official, they are inherently flawed. Business contracts must be drafted and modified by an attorney to prove infallible in the context of the law. Even the slightest err in a legal document has the potential to render it vulnerable to challenges posed by another business or its legal representative. You need a bulletproof business contract. Niswanger Law in Monroe, LA is here to draft and review contracts for your business.

3 Reasons Why Your Business Contracts Should be Drafted and Reviewed by an Attorney at Niswanger Law in Monroe, La image of business man shaking hands with lawyer while holding contract

DIY Business Contracts Contain Vague Language

It is certainly possible to attempt a DIY (do it yourself) business contract by filling out or printing such a contract from an online template. However, such templates have language that might be incorrect, favorable to the other party, applicable to another state or lack the detail necessary to describe your specific business dealings. The language of your business contract should be narrowly tailored to the details of your specific business transaction(s). This way, if the other party challenges the contract or violates the contract and it is analyzed by an attorney, the language will clearly detail specifically what occurs should one party breach it.

Every last word of this document is of the utmost importance as it will be dissected by opposing counsel in the event of a breach of contract accusation or other impetus that causes the parties to end their business relationship. Let an experienced business law attorney write your contracts, modify them as necessary and review them before you sign your name and you will rest easy knowing every single detail has been clearly addressed.

Well-written Contracts Address Potential Scenarios

Contracts must address the parties, the terms, the value to be exchanged, and also what might occur down the line. Though no one wants to think about it, there is the potential for something to go wrong that causes one party to exit the contract or demand that it be amended. Furthermore, something out of both parties’ control could also arise. The best contracts are written in a manner that ensures they are applicable even if the unexpected arises, ultimately preventing opposing counsel from arguing that the language is irrelevant to the current situation.

Your Attorney Sweats the Small Stuff for a Legally Enforceable Agreement

Above all, what matters most is that your business contract qualifies as a legally enforceable agreement. Your attorney will carefully write the language of your business contract to protect your interest. This strategic use of language will also prevent another attorney from challenging the validity of the document or the nuances of its specific terms. Let one of our business law attorneys create and review all contracts related to your business and you will be liberated to narrow your focus on what you do best rather than worrying about the idiosyncrasies of contracts.

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