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Tax season is less than six months away.  If you have not yet started your federal income tax planning, gift tax planning, or charitable organization formation and planning, now is the time to do so.  Our tax attorney in Monroe, La, is here to lend assistance, setting the stage for you to minimize your tax burden.  Ask around Monroe, and you’ll find Niswanger Law is the area’s top tax planning law firm for a good reason.  Here’s a quick look at how we can help this tax season.

Gift Tax Planning

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Plan for gift taxation with the guidance of our Monroe, La tax attorney, and you’ll rest easy knowing you have minimized your financial obligation to Uncle Sam.  Though few are aware, gift taxes are owed on transfers made when a gift provider is living.  Furthermore, even if a gift does not trigger a gift tax, filing a gift tax return might be prudent.  The specifics of the transaction in question will ultimately determine the best course of action.  Instead of understanding all the nuances of the complex gift tax rules, lean on Niswanger Law in Monroe, La, for assistance.  We will help you structure your gifts and your approach to taxes in full accordance with the letter of the law while simultaneously protecting your financial interest.

Charitable Organization Formation and Planning

Are you considering forming a charitable organization?  Do not attempt to surmount this hurdle on your own.  Our tax attorney is here to help you start a charitable organization and plan its future with taxation squarely in mind.  Niswanger Law’s assistance will prove invaluable in the formation of charitable trusts and other charitable organizations.  We advise on the best structure for your charity and also detail the tax implications in the context of both state and federal taxes.  For example, we have helped those living and working in the greater Monroe, La area structure charitable deduction trusts and gifts to minimize and defer taxes.

Federal Income Tax Planning

Planning and filing federal taxes in a DIY (do it yourself) manner is risky and unwise.  Make a mistake when planning, and you’ll likely end up paying more to the federal government than you should.  You might even end up underpaying and face an audit that results in significant financial penalties moving forward.  Instead of rolling the dice with a DIY federal tax filing, let us do the planning and filing on your behalf. 

Niswanger Law will carefully analyze your earnings and obligations in the context of federal taxes, plan to mitigate your tax liability to the fullest, and ensure you can file in complete confidence knowing you are not paying a penny more than necessary.  We’ve been in business for more than 13 years for a good reason.  Our tax planning specialists have mastered the idiosyncrasies of the tax strategies locals in Monroe, La, need to reduce their tax burden while retaining as much of their hard-earned money as possible.

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Niswanger Law is here to help with your federal income tax planning, estate, and gift tax planning, and plenty more.  Reach out to our Monroe La tax attorney today to schedule a consultation.  You can contact us by phone at 318.953.0071 or reach us online through our contact form.