What happens if I don’t have a last will and testament when I die?

If you were to pass away without a last will and testament, you would make life significantly more difficult for your loved ones. Sadly, there is no guarantee your assets would be distributed to family and others in a fair manner if you lack a last will and testament. Let’s take a closer look at how assets are handled after such an unfortunate event.

Why You Need a Last Will and Testament

What happens if I don’t have a last will and testament when I die? with Niswanger Law in Monroe La. image of young children dressed in black near casket with bright yellow and red flowers on top at funneral

Fail to create a last will and testament and the distribution of your assets will be determined in probate court. This means it is quite possible the entirety of your assets or a considerable portion of them will be passed on to an individual you do not want to receive those items. In fact, there is even a chance the probate process will lead to the distribution of your assets to a family member you have not interacted with in years or even decades. This is precisely why you need a last will and testament created with the guidance of Niswanger Law in Monroe LA.

Seize the Opportunity to Create a Will and Last Testament

You can prevent the nightmare scenario of your assets being passed on to individuals you do not love or favor by creating a will and last testament. Meet with Niswanger Law in Monroe LA and we will make it easy for you to clarify exactly how your assets will be distributed to loved ones, friends, charitable causes and other people or groups upon death.

Don’t let the Court Determine how Your Hard-earned Money Will be Distributed

Can you imagine a judge who knows nothing about you or your family dynamics determining how your hard-earned assets are distributed to your family members and others? This is exactly what will occur if you die intestate. Dying intestate means passing away without a will and last testament. Chances are the judge will determine your assets are to be distributed to your spouse, your kids, parents and/or siblings. In general, judges typically determine a spouse is most deserving of such assets, followed by children. The court system will search through the entirety of your estate and apply the law, meaning this process will take time and prove quite uncertain.

The last thing your family should have to worry about after your passing is a lengthy, nerve-wracking, time-consuming and exhausting process in which the distribution of your assets is determined by a stranger to your family. You can avoid such an outcome by proactively meeting with our legal team. We will listen closely as you detail how you would like your assets allocated to family and others, then create your last will and testament, ultimately providing a truly invaluable peace of mind.

Your Last Will and Testament is Your Voice After Passing Away

Your departure from this plane of existence does not mean you should be voiceless in terms of how your money, home, automobile, investments and other assets are distributed to your loved ones. Your last will and testament serve as your final say in life, dictating how your money and other assets will be doled out to individuals you love. This is your opportunity to proactively dictate which family members receive specific assets, ensuring only those who you love and those who treated you kindly and fairly are provided with the money and other valuables you worked so hard to acquire. To learn more contact us today.