4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use A Will Template On The Web For Your Will

The internet is chock-full of all sorts of templates, some of which are described as official and legitimate. The truth is the vast majority of these templates have at least one significant flaw. Most such documents printed off the web are not legally enforceable. In particular, the validity and enforceability of online templates for DIY (do it yourself) wills are often successfully challenged.

Internet Will Templates Are Not Tailored to State Law

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The language of state laws for wills and estates is quite idiosyncratic. Will templates available on the web lack the language required by the state’s nuanced laws for wills and estates. Even if the will template is labeled as applicable to the state, there is no guarantee that its language is unique to the state where you reside. It is also a risk that the template may not be up to date to comply with the latest alterations to the law. There is no sense taking the risk of your will being ruled unenforceable in the context of the law when our attorneys are available to create a truly comprehensive will on your behalf.


The specific language used in the will that unique to you will address the nuances of your assets and desires. This means every single word used in your will serves a purpose. The language must be flexible enough to account for all of your assets and detail exactly which of your relatives or other important people in your life will receive items of value. Compare the language used in customized wills to that used in online templates. You will find the templates have inflexible, generic language that does not adequately address your specific assets and desires for those assets.

Ongoing Support and Guidance

Rely on a proven attorney to create your will, and you will always have someone to reach out to for guidance. Your attorney will provide support and assistance should any questions or concerns arise. The same level of service is not available with online templates. Such templates have no customer service at all.

The bottom line is you are likely to have some questions and a few concerns about the process that determines the fate of your hard-earned assets upon your departure from this plane of existence. Have one of our attorneys write your will, tailoring it to your specific situation. You will engage in an ongoing productive dialogue that ultimately helps you understand the subtleties of the will creation and enforcement processes.

Online Will Templates are Simple

Most people who reach adulthood have some assets, several family members, nuanced desires for the distribution of their wealth upon death, and other complexities that require the analysis of an estate planning attorney. A generic will template available through a Google search will not suffice. If you have assets, are married, are the parent of a child, own a business, own property in several states, or have a complex family situation, you will significantly benefit from an attorney-created personalized will. We review every last detail of your situation to ensure your possessions and property end up in the right hands.

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