Understanding Lease Agreements for Business Owners

When the topic of leases is raised, most people think about apartment leases in West Monroe, LA. Leases are also important in the context of local business. Signing a commercial lease is a monumental event. 

Niswanger Law’s business planning team is here to help your business with its commercial lease agreement, leases in a business plan, and other business contracts. Here’s a quick look at commercial lease agreements for business owners.

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Recognize Commercial Leases are Inherently Complicated

There is a common misconception that a commercial lease template obtained through an internet search is sufficient. Though some business owners and managers in West Monroe, LA have entered into agreements with other parties using such templates, they are far from legally sound. 

If you were to sign a commercial lease template found online and then become embroiled in a conflict about the property in question, you would likely lose a significant amount of money in the ensuing litigation. It would be best to recognize that commercial lease agreements for business owners are highly nuanced and complex documents, sometimes rife with risk. 

Our business planning attorney in West Monroe, LA is here to help your business understand the terms of proposed lease agreements and draft contracts that are fair or even in your favor. We take pride in fiercely advocating for West Monroe business owners in and out of a court of law.

Commercial Lease Basics

Meet with our business planning attorneys, and you will learn about the idiosyncrasies of lease agreements in the context of commerce. Everything—from zoning laws that permit/bar business activity to the subtleties of nuisance and landlord-tenant laws—matters a great deal. 

Moreover, rent increases in the ensuing months, financial quarters, or years must be explicitly stated in clear, legally sound language. Even the details regarding how the lease will be transferred (if the business moves or closes) must be addressed. 

In short, commercial lease drafting and reviewing is not a DIY (do it yourself) project.

Commercial Leases are Substantively Different From Residential Leases

Commercial leases are necessary when a business in Wests Monroe, LA rents commercial property used for business operations. Commercial leases are legally binding contracts between West Monroe businesses and landlords. The landlord has legal power in selecting the company that rents the property, be it a storefront, office space, or other property. 

Commercial and residential leases share some similarities:

  • Require monthly rent to be paid by a deadline
  • Require a security deposit
  • Have a specific lease duration
  • Define additional tenant costs

The average commercial lease lasts a couple of years and a half a decade. Alternatively, leases for local apartments in West Monroe, LA are typically six months to a year in length. 

Property taxes are built into the cost of leasing a residential property, whereas some business tenants who are party to a commercial lease might be required to shoulder the burden of a percentage of the property tax. 

Let Our Business Law Attorney Sweat the Small Stuff

As is often said, the devil is in the details. This adage also holds true in the context of commercial leases for business owners in West Monroe, LA. In particular the category of “other costs” is important for commercial leases, necessitating careful attorney review prior to the signing of the contract. 

The umbrella of “other costs” includes:

  • Maintenance costs
  • Property taxes
  • Building insurance
  • Additional details

Such extraneous expenses have the potential to amount to a considerable sum of money. Instead of skimming through a proposed commercial lease, bring it to our business law attorneys in West Monroe, LA for an exhaustive review. 

If the contract terms of the commercial lease are unfair, we will highlight those injustices and draft a revised contract that is mutually beneficial to both parties.

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